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I am a grieving grandmother. I lost my first grandchild March 5th 2019 to an accidental overdose. Garrett was just 10 days shy of his 25th birthday. The loss is still fresh and changes from day to day. I have a close friend who described grief as "A Mugger". I find it to be an apt description. So many things one experiences in daily life are reminders of how deeply our lives have been altered. Seeing a little blond haired boy who resembles Garrett. The young men I see who are of a similar age, enjoying themselves with their entire lives before them. The holidays, birthdays, etc. that come and go now without his presence. The most difficult is being witness to my daughter's grief and helpless to do anything to relieve the pain. Sharing the pain with others does soften it somewhat, however, there are those valleys that one must navigate on their own. It is a process and one that most likely will not be finished in this lifetime.


Patricia Potts

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