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Spiritual Support - Strength for the Journey

No matter where you are on your grief journey, a spiritual conversation and new invitations into deeper work can often create the shift you're looking for. Book a consultation today to explore the possibilities.

Kendall, CA

“If you're looking for healing, peace, or comfort after losing your child, this will give you that and more. It has renewed and strengthened my faith and has blessed me in countless ways.”

Irene, CA

Rita. Boom.

Cherra, AZ

“If you are weary and soul heavy under the weight of a grieving heart you are not alone. Discover unconditional love, faith, hope and the potential for joy in sorrow.”

Book a Support Session

Resources we'll explore

Grace-filled Conversation

grieving mother to grieving mother, let's talk about this

Prayer & Guided Meditation

from scripture to nature,

find peace & comfort in God

Expressive Arts & Journaling

yes - you are creative, and it will soothe your troubled soul

Rita Morton is a grieving mother experienced in developing and presenting retreats, bible studies, workshops and individual companioning sessions. She offers spiritual support and guidance via a wide variety of resources - all of them tailored to your comfort level and needs. Her work is deeply grounded in the Christian/Catholic faith traditions. Many grieving mothers find the "missing piece" of their healing journey in the spiritual work offered by Sacred Sorrows.


Contact if you have questions or would like references. We are a non-profit organization. All fees are fully directed to our programs that benefit bereaved mothers .

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