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Send comfort

For the women who will lose a child today;

the hearts that will shatter,

the grandmothers who will freeze,

the families forever changed.

Send comfort.

For those who wait in uncertainty;

the helplessness of the dying,

the sadness of the misunderstood,

for those who ask in vain.

Send comfort.

For all those abused, scorned, dismissed;

the silly, the wicked, the miserable,

and those who hurry in pain

to the nearest doctor;

those who return from work

with trembling and anguished hearts to their homes.

Send comfort.

For those who are roughly treated and pushed aside,

those who are hissed on the stage,

for all who are clumsy, ugly, tiresome and dull,

the weak, the beaten, the oppressed,

and for those who cannot find rest

during long sleepless nights.

Send comfort.

For the men who will lose a child today;

the gripping suffocation of their souls,

the grandfathers who will melt into tears,

the buckling of their knees.

Send comfort.

For those who are afraid of death;

who will be sentenced to prison,

who wait in hospitals,

who have missed the train.

Send comfort.

For humankind;

their pains and troubles,

their worries, sufferings, disappointments,

all their griefs, afflictions, sorrows,

longings, failures, defeats.

Send comfort.

For all that is not joy,

happiness, succor or bliss -

Shine comfort forever upon them

with tender love and kindness.

Send comfort.

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1 Comment

Greg Wennes
Greg Wennes
Oct 12, 2021

Hi Rita, Did you write this? Beautiful. My first cousin's son died Sat on an ATV in Buffalo, Mn.

19 yrs old. I sent his mother Susie a link to your site. Thank You

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