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Patience and Trust

Sacred Sorrows welcomes back one of our contributing writers, Liliana Tavera. "Lili," lives in Arizona with her husband and two sons. She focuses on living in the present moment, as she honors the memory of her daughter Sofia, who went to heaven in June 2020.

The other day I was so tired, and I just wanted to rest and hear nothing but silence. But one of my children kept asking me questions. For every answer I gave him, he already had another question ready to ask.

Mom! What time is it?

Mom! I know we just ate, but what are we going to eat later?

Mom! Are we going out somewhere later?

Mom! what time is it?

Mom! You said we were going out? So what time are we going to leave?

Until I told him: “Enough son, stop asking questions. You don't need to know everything that's going to happen... do not worry about what we are going to eat, or what we are going to do next! Sometimes things don’t go as planned. When the time comes to do something, I will let you know to get ready. But don't be asking me every five minutes what’s coming next, I am the mom, trust me!”

These sentences resonated as if someone was saying them to me! They stayed with me, and I felt as if God was speaking these words to me, while at the same time, I was telling my son the same things! I stayed still and thought about what had just happened.

Just as I asked my son to be patient and to trust me, so God desires us to be patient and to trust Him with whatever is next. Our Father will teach us the path to follow, equip us, and guide us there. Things will never be the same, but we can be confident that everything is going to be okay.

God doesn't tell us, "Enough! No more questions. " He knows our pain, he knows what we are going to ask before asking, he knows that we have many questions and few answers, he knows that there are days that we can barely walk because the pain is so heavy, he knows that there are days that we would like not to arrive, and when they do come, we would like them to pass by quickly. So many worries, so many questions, but he doesn't tell us "Enough!" He wants us to trust him with everything.

So let us be still and know that he is GOD.

He's got this.

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Thank you once again Lili, for reminding me to be patient. It is honestly one of my very worst faults, impatience. You are so appreciated.

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