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Our love has no boundaries

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Sacred Sorrows introduces "Lili," our newest contributing writer. Liliana Tavera resides in Arizona with her wonderful and supportive husband Javier, and her surviving children, Xavier and Carlos. She's currently serving in the USAF, and when not on duty, spends free time with her family walking nature trails and enjoying picnics. Liliana focuses on living in the present moment, as she honors the memory of her daughter Sofia, who went to heaven in June 2020.

In my early grief days, I often asked myself how often you were around us and how much you were aware of what was going on in our lives. I wish I knew how heavenly things work. I for sure know that God knows when I sit and when I rise. He discerns my going out and my lying down. But what about you? I wonder.

I remember one time, a friend that stuck around after you went to heaven told me: “A Mother’s bond goes beyond the physical realm of love, Sofia will forever be with you and your love will continue to grow and flourish.” How? I didn’t put two and two together back then. All I wanted was to have you back here with me.

It has already been two years without being able to kiss and hold you. My eyes can no longer see you but my heart can, and I know now that you are walking by my side. If I am on this side of the world you are here, and if I go to the other side of the world you are there. Always near when we need you the most.

We are still making memories and having a different and beautiful relationship. I am still your Mom, and you are still my beautiful daughter, and our love continues growing.

I thank God for giving me you, for the precious time we spent together, and for the graces received after he welcomed you in his arms.

We will always remember you.

You were our little bundle of joy before, and you will always be.

Our Love has no boundaries.

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I love your friend that stuck around with you. I am glad to be your friend that is now stuck with you. Thank you for your words of hope. May your memories continue to flourish. May continue in this mystery of no boundaries in peace. Your picture is precious. Your love for her screams to me. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for answering His call. I love you. Although I have not physically met Sofia, I feel as though I have walked with her in a garden and heard her laugh.

Liliana Tavera
Liliana Tavera

Thank you friend 🍓💜🤗

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