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Gratitude for Dogs

As a contributing writer and member of the Sacred Sorrows community, Lani Bogart shares a fierce love with her son Evan, who went to heaven in February 2022. As she learns to be here without him, she stands on the essentials of faith and hope and longs for the day when Love is All. (1 Cor 13:13)

“When an eighty-five pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad.”

Kristan Higgins

For the past decade or so we begrudgingly housed our son Evan's dogs. The word begrudgingly especially applies to when he was away. When he was home, his presence with us made it easier to see past the copious amounts of dog hair that clung to my clothes and filled the dustpan.

Sometimes, I wondered if we were pitiful pushovers, but I'm glad now that we didn't turn those times away.

His dogs were unique, and their unconditional love helped him heal from the trauma and grief of war. He loved them for not holding anything against him. Ever.

It seems that toward the end of Evan's life, he was beginning to grasp the truth of how many people loved him the same way.

His dogs are with new owners now and are well-loved. I can't help but wonder if they sense his absence from Earth.

Thanks, Hatchet and Tomahawk, for being a vital part of Evan's journey and for opening my heart a little more to the gift of the healing love of dogs.

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It seems that dogs and cats (and maybe other animals too) are angels, it seem they have it down…. Pure love….

Mi piace
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