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The reviews are in: retreat brings healing and hope

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

I just spent a blessed 4 days with 11 grieving mothers on the sprawling, gorgeous grounds of a Los Altos, California retreat center. Here's what they had to say about it afterwards:

"I had never been on a retreat before. I was apprehensive. I decided to go for it because I knew I needed spiritual guidance to progress in my grief over the loss of my son. I've been kind of 'stuck' for years. This retreat envelops you in love and understanding, and gives you practical, emotional, and spiritual tools to work through your grief. It helps you to move toward your deceased child rather than society's wish for you to 'get over' your grief. The sessions go deep - they are necessary - they made me realize that God has been with me all along." - Irene P.

"I loved everything about this retreat. The 24-hour "warm up" period was essential to enable full integration of the content. The love, understanding, camaraderie, meeting of hearts with God and each other was amazing. Rita's transparency about her loss made it easier for us to do the same. I felt safe in this environment. All of the meaningful surprises, gifts, and prayer experiences made me feel so special. Fr. John's presence added a wonderful element." - Joell M.

"The retreat helped me deal with my anger toward my daughter. The program was restful, creative, healing and spiritual. The experiential activities, including the candle representing our children, was very moving." - Rae A.

"This retreat was a wonderful opportunity to connect with other mothers that have suffered the loss of a child. I also experienced what increased spirituality and quietness could do for my grieving soul." - Janet B.

"I felt lavishly loved by God, Rita, Fr. John, all the women of the group, and all the unseen people (the prayer team behind the scenes). This was extremely healing." - anonymous

"The retreat was incredibly well planned and put into action. It inspired deep reflection, self-discovery, gentle spiritual direction, camaraderie, connection to Spirit, God, Mary, Jesus, OUR children, forgiveness of self and others. Thank you for being an expert guide into the mystery of faith and helping pave the way to a "space" where we as mothers in grief can meet our children and God in unexpected ways." - Cherra S.

"The retreat was awesome. I think it's amazing how we cry and cry and have a heart full of sorrow but we can still have joy, smile and even laugh out loud. One more time God has proven to be faithful by showing us new things, and supernatural things. I can surely say that I have seen 'the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living'." - anonymous

"Excellent retreat. I came away with a much different perspective on dying, grief, God's love. I now understand 'hope'." - Anne M.

"You have found your calling! I want to come here again just to hike and be with God. I am eternally grateful. I will never forget this retreat weekend for the rest of my days." - Diane G.

"This retreat was truly an unfolding to be open to God's grace. Not a detail was missed and the gifts just kept coming! As women of grief, it's hard to accept gifts but here we accepted with a 'yes' and it gave us the opportunity to say 'yes' to God." - Meagen W.

"Everything about this retreat was amazing. The Saturday night activities were especially powerful! If there's anything you need, just ask!" - Sharon U-W.

Our next retreat is scheduled for September 8-11, 2022. Visit our events page to sign up or learn more.

Hope to see you there!

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