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Fall, winter, holidays, anniversaries, oh my!

Sacred Sorrows introduces Irene Peterson, our newest guest writer. Irene lives in Sonoma, where she enjoys year-round gardening, swimming, and enjoying the great outdoors with her husband John (traveling from mountain to ocean in their hippie van). She also relishes time spent with her daughters Michaela and Grace, and grandchildren Hailey and Tommy. Irene discovered Sacred Sorrows as a retreat participant in the spring of 2022.

My firstborn and only son Kai was born in September 1980. He went to heaven in December 2010. Each year I try to prepare myself spiritually and emotionally for the onslaught of continuous "holiday merriment" that lasts from about September through December.

I plan endless distractions and meaningful activities that might tamp down the flood of emotions that are forever being thrown at us as members of society in today's world. Even the spiritual events cause intense emotions that are constant reminders of what I've lost. I make a big effort to try to do things that I've never done before, and to do things for people in need (this actually is the most helpful for me). This year is no different, but I think I'm going to try something different: I'm just going to let the tears flow where ever and whenever they want. Luckily for my family and friends, these bouts of emotion have thus far been solitary.

This December's anniversary marks 12 years without my son here on earth. I'm hoping that this year I can finally accept that heaven is where he should be, not here with me. I've never given too much thought about what heaven is really like, but I'm thinking that heaven is a far superior place than here; the same or better beauty that we have here, but ....just picture it: no war, no bombs, no hatred, no disease, no drugs, no pollution, no worries for sure, no plastic, no noisy neighbors, no bad smells (of course not), no cars, no assault rifles, or guns of any kind, no violence...etc... and everybody gets their own preferred music (perk) - it's just love, angels, saints, and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

For the rest of this marathon, I'm going to focus on love, because in the end, love is all that matters.

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