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About that 
"God" thing...

Whether you’re feeling faithful, hateful, doubtful, or

too-tired-to-even-know-full, you’re welcome here at Sacred Sorrows. Meeting you exactly where you are is what we do. That said, our starting point is grounded in

a foundation of traditional beliefs. In other words: that Creator of the universe called “God".


Or, if you prefer: Love, Grace, Presence, Holiness, Almighty (the list goes on). At Sacred Sorrows, we’re

not about spirituality without religion. We’re about spirituality beyond religion. Join us to encounter the

peace that surpasses all understanding, and find the healing that's bigger than any belief system.


For the sake of semantics (and a few other reasons),

we refer to the highest power in the universe as God,

and we’re not embarrassed to talk about Him

(or Her, if that’s where you’re at). 


Welcome. Engage.

And if you’re in the "doubtful" camp,

try to be ok with the God thing - it’s a Good thing.

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