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Shall we cry out?

Shall we cry out in anger, O God,

Because Your gifts are ours but for a while?

Shall we forget the blessing of health

The moment it gives way to illness and pain?

Shall we be ungrateful for the moments of laughter, the seasons of joy, the days of gladness and festivity?

When a fate beyond our understanding takes from us

Friends and family whom we have cherished, and leaves us

Bereft of shining presences that have lit our way

Through times of affection and companionship,

When tears cloud our eyes and darken our world,

And our hearts are heavy within us,

Shall we blot from our minds the love

We have known and in which we have rejoiced?

Give us the vision, O God, to see and feel

That imbedded deep in each of Your gifts

Is a core of eternity, undiminished and bright,

An eternity that survives the dread hours of affliction and misery.

Those we have loved, though now beyond our view,

Have given form and quality to our lives;

And they live on, unfailingly feeding

Our hearts and minds and imaginations.

They have led us into the wide universe

We continue to inhabit; and their presence

is more vital to us than their absence.

What you give, O Lord, You do not take away,

And bounties once granted

Shed their radiance evermore.

Within us Your love and vision,

Now woven deep into the texture of our beings,

Live and will be ours forever.

Morris Adler - adapted - Siddur Hadash, The Prayer Book Press

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1 Comment

I had to read this a couple of times to really let it permeate my being. I have to say that in the past 13 years, I have felt little pangs of this, but didnt want to admit it to myself, and here the author has put it into words. How can losing my son break me and expand me? I think I will need to ponder these words for a long time. there is no world where I would have ever wanted to experience this, I don’t think that will ever change. Yet… “a core of eternity, un diminished and bright “ …. every phrase of this is deep and wide….food for thought for a long time ….

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